Secret Wars Euro League Grand Final

A few snaps from last nights Secret Wars Grand Final! With Dam taking on Brum everyone was expecting big things. Maybe not the size of the massive wall, but with all 6 team members drawing it had to be big! Dam were on the left and dressed to cook up a storm in their chef outfits, whilst Brum all wore fred perry and balaclavas! Brums piece in the semi finals took it to the next level and they had a lot to live up to! However, the clock was ticking and the wall may have been too big for them! Dam got on it, running with the chef theme and the 'meat the burninghams' tagline. It looked real dope and they finished with time to spare! After a few judges went for Dam and possibly the crowd vote too, this bits a little hazy, it was clear who the winners were going to be! So big up to both teams, but Dam took the crown! GO BIG OR GO HOME

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